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All Time Low

All Time Low
*Answers to Frequently Asked Questions*

1) Each Virtual Meet & Greet is one on one with the entire band. There will be no other fans participating in your Meet & Greet.
2) You will have enough time to talk to the band and take a picture.
3) Purchasers will be sent a form after purchase to indicate date preference within the date range purchased for.
4) The date that you purchase a Ticketless Virtual Meet & Greet Upgrade for does not need to match up to the date you’ve purchased livestream tickets for. Purchase for the date range that works best for you.
5) Though it is encouraged, you do not have to have purchased a livestream ticket in order to purchase a Ticketless Virtual Meet & Greet Upgrade.
6) We are using a platform that is built to host Virtual Meet & Greets. Not Zoom.

Should you have additional questions before purchase, please email admin@atlfutureheartsclub.com directly.